What to expect in this video: Problem horse included!!!

So many times I hear this complaint, "The trainer always shows what to do...with a horse that already knows the answer."

This trailer loading video shows a horse who does NOT want to go onto the trailer. We were filming the video where he lived and what you see in the videos is as it happened. No training footage removed.

If you want to jump straight to the problem horse video footage it begins in video five.

Feel free to watch the videos in order or watch the problem horse videos first and then go back to hear the rest of my thoughts as I demonstrate them with my well trained horse in videos one through four.

Please enjoy and share with a friend!

Ride with Faith,

Stacy Westfall-wife, mother, teaching horses everywhere to load into trailers willingly and safely!

P.S.- The vast majority of my videos I include horses of all stages of training. I believe it is important for you to see me working with horses that don't know the answer already. The one video that is an exception to this is my 'Bridleless Riding' video in which I only demonstrate with a trained horse. I consider all the other videos leading up to this to have already shown the majority of problems:)

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