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Your horse has questions.

Your horse has questions. 

Lots of question. 

Maybe you can relate. 

Think about the questions horses ask in a herd. 

"Can I push you away from the hay? What if I bite you? What if I run you over? How about now? Is is still true now?"

Your horse asks questions with his body.

When a horse is being ridden, the questions they ask look like; break of gait, speeding up, diving in, falling out, reversing directions…and lots of other behaviors riders often label as ‘problems’.

Your horse asking questions isn’t the problem. 

Your horses questions reveal his temperament.

Your horses questions reveal his training level.

And your horses questions help him determine your role and his because horses equate leadership with safety. 

What would happen if you viewed every wobble or ‘unwanted behavior’ your horse displays as a question he is asking?

He is simply asking to see if you are sure. 

The real problem is…you are NOT sure. 

“Why is he doing this again? Should I keep going or try something different? Maybe I should just be done for the day? Is it supposed to feel like this? Are we even making progress?”

In my program, The Resourceful Rider, I teach my students how to understand their horses questions and how to answer them.

Whether you are trying to solve a current challenge or achieve a higher level of performance you'll benefit from this program.

What students are saying:

"I can’t type fast enough... I’m so excited to share this story. Yesterday I had one of my worst rides yet attempting spiral out (outside rein only) for the first time. Stacy read my questions related to that on the zoom call last night and offered a variety of helpful suggestions. I was excited to try them today.


All 3 of my horses had the lightbulb go on today! (And quickly!) They didn’t change - I did. The horses went from being resistant, frustrated, and sluggish to being energetic, willing, and smart. They all found it easily when I was able to help them find it under Stacy’s guidance. It feels like magic; but it was nothing more than changing my attitude and the approach. By asking for less of a bend to the inside, establishing a cadenced rhythm, floating my hand out (leading, not pulling), using more leg and LOOKING at the new path I wanted the shoulder to travel, everything clicked. I asked for just a step at first (letting them float back to the circle or even stop) and offered praise and gentle release. We then added steps. They can all do a full spiral out circle now in both directions. It was so FUN!

I told myself that I would try all of the suggestions today and keep a playful attitude. If anything started getting frustrating, I planned to stop and return to basics (walk, trot, lope, stop & transitions.) The right attitude combined with active coaching from Stacy turned one of my worst days (yesterday) into one of my best (today!)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Stacy - you are the best."-Sheila L.


"Who would have thought that a horse trainer would be the most influential therapist in my personal psychological healing? You, Stacy, have enabled me to overcome obstacles that were blocking healthy relationships in my life, with humans, horses, dogs, all living things, and especially with myself. I have learned to be more aware of what I (and others) am doing, the why (mind) and the how (body) I am doing it, resulting in the realization that I am my own agent and actually know how to make intelligent choices, though they may be difficult. You have no idea how enormous the change in me has been, which naturally flows out and pours onto the relationship with my horses. Thank you."-Donna C.


I am so happy with Mikey's progress and getting so excited about where we are headed, we had a bit of a rocky start but with your help and clarity I think he’s going to be my little superstar 😍

The funny thing is I feel like I have alot of the answers, I just don’t trust myself enough to believe I am right, self doubt has been the biggest thing holding me back and your course & video reviews are helping tremendously, Thank you so much for your time. I have also felt that your changing slightly and improving in the way your teaching and encouraging your students, it’s true that even at your level and experience we never stop learning, evolving and becoming better versions of ourselves.”- Kylie G.


"Thank you very much for all of the education, support, encouragement, and confidence your course has given me!

Between watching and rewatching the classroom videos and watching you review and coach lessons then on top of that add your teaching zoom calls, I am noticing my horse and I are riding at a new level! I was away at a trail riding camping week with friends. There was an arena with wonderful footing there as well. Every morning we would meet at the arena to warm up our horses before an all day trail ride. I think from doing your patterns and you encouraging us to time our rides and ride longer my horse shined and others riders complimented us on our beautiful circles all around the arena at a trot and a canter.

It was a large arena, I was cantering following along the rail and could do wonderful circles here and there and everywhere. Riding around other horses any opening that looked available. My horse was soft flexible and guiding softly with confidence and ease!

We would then stop and relax while others were riding all around us. Others were worried their horses might not be fit enough for the trail rides. We were fit and my horse was relaxed and a total vacation horse to ride on the trail!

Thank you again for sharing your skill and knowledge with me!"- Jill

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"It's encouraging to know I'm not alone! Sometimes in an online course there's a sense of isolation. Not here...thank you."-Kathryn

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Correction: in this video I say we will meet twice a month...now we are meeting WEEKLY through 2023!

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