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    Your horse has questions...and so do you.

    “Why is he doing this again? Should I keep going or try something different? Is it supposed to feel like this? Maybe I should just be done for the day? Are we even making progress?”

    Your horse asks questions with his body.

    When a horse is being ridden, questions look like; inconsistent rhythm, diving in, drifting out, break of gait, speeding up, and other behaviors riders often label as ‘problems’. 

    Your horse asking questions isn’t the problem. 

    Your horse's questions reveal his temperament, training level and his desire for safety because horses equate leadership with safety. 

    He is simply asking to see if you are sure. 

    The real problem is…you are NOT SURE. 

    In my program, The Resourceful Rider, I teach my students how to understand their horses' questions and how to answer them.

    "It's AMAZING how far we have come since joining the program in November (2023). I know that so much of this is mental, but I also know that the mental confidence is coming from knowing there's a program to follow and help in the wings when it's needed. 
    Best of all, I don't feel so overwhelmed... 
    Of course I still have moments of insecurity and struggle, but the overarching theme of life with my horses is no longer doubt, shame and inadequacy like it was before. I am finally able to enjoy the process and be grateful and amazed with each step along this path we get to walk (trot and lope!) together. You have given me the greatest gift in teaching me to allow myself to be in this headspace. I cannot thank you enough." 

    Resourceful Rider: Martina Wendland & Timber

    Step 1:

    Join the Resourceful Rider Program

    You get access to all our on-demand courses, Train with Confidence workbook, evaluation framework, expert help, community of like-minded riders.

    Step 2:

    Ride with a plan

    Feel your confidence grow as you ride with a plan.

    The quick start guide gives you a plan you can easily start once you join. Each item on the list takes from five to fifteen minutes to complete.

    Step 3:

    Find connection

    Using this proven system, you’ll become intentional during your rides and begin communicating clearly with your horse.

    You will learn to create the connection you want and the partnership that is possible.

    You are ready.

    Identifying what to work on next with your horse is easier than you think. It’s as simple as riding with a plan, observing what happens, and evaluating your technique.

    That’s it. 

    I walk you through every single step inside the Resourceful Rider Program. 

    In the beginning, it is normal to be confused or unclear. Did YOU caused the problem with the way you cued, or did your HORSE reacted poorly because he was confused or distracted?

    It’s not too late, not too complicated and you’re not too old (and neither is your horse).

    And your current experience level is enough.


    Many riders believe they have to choose...

    ...between developing the relationship with their horse, or reaching a higher level of performance. They are often confused by the mixed information they find. 

    As a horse owner, you want the best for him, and as his primary rider, you are also his trainer. For many riders, this seems like a conflict. What should I work on next? How long do I work on each thing? Am I doing this right, or am I practicing it wrong?

    No wonder you’re frustrated, confused and not seeing much progress. 

    I created the Resourceful Rider Program to eliminate the overwhelm and confusion by giving you simple systems, clear instructions, and expert help so you can enjoy your horse and see consistent progress.

    That’s why the trainings are short, easy to implement, and focus on simplicity because clear communication is the first step towards a connected relationship. 

    When you join the Resourceful Rider Program, you’ll download the Quick Start Guide. Using this checklist, you’ll quickly begin to identify the areas where your horse has questions and could use some support. 

    From there, you’ll have access to Stacy’s expert advice, so you can ask questions and get help to stay motivated, focused and passionate as you learn to train your horse.

    Imagine how satisfying it will be to see progress every time you ride because you're learning, growing, and see things changing. And the best part is that horses are drawn to humans who are engaged, consistent and curious. You can actually have both, a better relationship and a higher level of skill. 

    No more conflicting information. No more guessing. No more worrying. 

    You’ll finally have the help you need to succeed. 

    I always thought...

    "And I always thought… Oh my gosh, they're not ready for this. They're not ready for that. We can't learn that yet...

    And now, based on my experiences with my horses and what I've been able to teach them through your program, they are absolutely capable and so am I."

    -Sheila Lamb and Rooster

    Meet Your Teacher

    Great insight and an effective teaching style have made Stacy Westfall one of the most popular and sought-after clinicians in the horse industry. 

    Her famous bridleless and bareback Freestyle Championship ride, seen by millions on the Internet, led to an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres. 

    Her passion for horses spreads across disciplines. In addition to numerous wins in reining, she won the Road to the Horse colt starting competition, is a World Champion in western dressage, and in traditional dressage, a USDF bronze medalist. 

    She was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas. 

    Stacy freely shares her knowledge on her podcast which has over 1.5 million downloads. Inside her Resourceful Rider Program, Stacy uses these skills to teach students how to successfully train their own horses. 

    Quick Start Guide: 15 minute a day.

    Once you join, you have instant access to the Start Here module. Inside, you will find a one - page, printable checklist or 'Quick Start Guide' that you can begin using immediately. Each item takes 15 minutes or less. In addition, Stacy gives a video tour of the program and normalized the idea of ‘re-starting’. 

    If you have ever started a program and then drifted away, this course will be particularly beneficial for you.

    The Complete Guide to Improving Steering & Teaching Neck Reining

    This course provides step-by-step instruction for understanding steering with the reins. Discover the simplicity of isolating each rein, and the nuances of combining them. Learn to cue in a way that supports your horse and creates excellence in steering. 

    Don’t stay stuck. 

    Riders often encounter self-doubt, fear, anxiety, frustration, and other challenging emotions at the barn. The emotions coursing through your body can add clarity, or can make your cues indistinguishable for your horse.

    No one taught you the skills you need to work through these things.

    Stacy’s unique approach to building a rider's awareness in this area is unparalleled. Inside the Mindset Mastery & Body Scan course, you will learn skills and strategies you can use with your horses and in everyday life. Students repeatedly report that the work they do in this course is, “Life changing.” 

    Connection and Expert Advice.

    One of the best parts of the Resourceful Rider program is knowing you can get your questions answered.

    Inside the program, you'll have the opportunity to join a live zoom call each week. You can get your questions answered, and better yet, you can listen in while other students ask their questions and learn from the advice given.

    Establishing Collection and Introducing Lead Changes

    Using simple patterns that begin ridden at the walk, this course will guide you through adding leg cues.

    You'll learn how the individual cues are taught, creating layers, and how these layers produce collection and refined communication. 

    WHOA: Teaching Your Horse To Stop

    Whether you desire square halts for dressage, sliding stops, or safe stopping on the trail, the foundation is the same. Learn to train the individual cues and the combinations that make stopping so clear that the reins become unnecessary. 

    "I learn so much from seeing the other riders..."

    "In the last two years, I have never missed watching a Resourceful Rider zoom call. I don't attend live very often but with the recordings it is easy to watch them all. 

    I find it fascinating how much we all run into the same challenges and questions.

    I learn so much from seeing the other riders and hearing the feedback on situations and scenarios that I can relate to." -Ashley Herrmann

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does the program cost?
    You get lifetime access to all materials for a one time payment of $1,200. There will also be the option of a three month payment plan, check back during the open enrollment period for more details.

    How long do I have access to the program?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you'll have unlimited access to this program- for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. This includes the recordings of all past zoom calls.

    What if I'm unhappy with the program?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

    What if I have a question about what I'm doing with my horse?

    Once you enroll, you will gain access to the Zoom Calls and Recordings course. Here you will find a form to submit your question. Stacy answers these questions during the live Zoom calls.
    You can also submit a video for Stacy to review.

    You will also find the full library of call recordings where you can hear other questions that have been asked and see Stacy review other students videos.

    I heard Stacy call the live Zoom calls a bonus. What does that mean?

    The Resourceful Rider program includes the Start Here, Mindset Mastery, Steering, Collection and Whoa courses. When Stacy launched the program, she committed to taking the founding students through with live weekly calls for the first year.

    Students inside the program frequently report they would pay the price again, or double just to attend the live calls for a year.

    Stacy has extended this bonus each year, and has committed to weekly calls through 2024.

    All recording of calls become part of the lifetime access for past and future students.

    Is this a groundwork program?

    This program is currently focused on riding. Stacy does give enrolled students:

    • a very intentional 'bridging the gap' between groundwork and ridden. This includes teaching the horse to stand still for mounting, and teaching bend and softness from the ground before mounting
    • directions and examples of using the Steering course patterns during groundwork (with student examples)
    • free access to her trailer loading groundwork course

    This was me in 1993.

    I was a horse crazy kid who grew up with a horse crazy mom, but neither of us knew what we were doing. I fell off more times than I could count and was run away with repeatedly. We didn’t know much about ‘techniques’ and we lacked skills…but we deeply loved our horses.

    Fast-forward ten years, and it appeared I had it all: an indoor arena, three young boys and I rode horses all day for a living. But behind the scenes, I was miserable. I was crying myself to sleep at night and was ready to quit. Although I had gained the techniques and skills…it felt like I had lost the relationship.

    I felt trapped.

    But I knew if I had to choose between a relationship with one horse, or results with client horses: I would choose the relationship. 

    Then it occurred to me, maybe I could have both.

    I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew I would figure it out. 

    And I did. 

    I have developed relationships so deep that they are apparent to anyone watching, and I've done more than I could have ever dreamed with horses.

    Since making that decision, I’ve taught thousands of riders that they too can have both the relationship and the results they desire. 

    This is what I want for you.

    The child like wonder of being with your horse, combined with the skills to communicate with ease.  

    To be confident that you are on the right path for YOU, and your horse.

    I'll teach you to communicate clearly, understand where your horse is confused, and create a path forward. 

    It's your time.

    Let's do this.

    "Took away the overwhelm..."

    Having spent over 9 months (in the program) my horse Hero, with magical results, my plan was to take a bit of a break, a planned plateau, during the winter months. Well, I did not mean a literal "break", but a broken hand and torn knee produced three months of rehab while slowly hobbling through the minimum of chores. 

    To remain sane and eventually get back to it, I was stabilized by The Resourceful Rider. The Quick Start Guide in the Start and Re-start Here course took away the overwhelm by having simple check-off lists separated into things that could be done while immobile and things once in the saddle again. 

    Now that I'm confidently restarting... we have found that slow is fast, the process is fun, and we're both happy.

    Thank you, Stacy, for sharing your distinctive abilities with us. 

    Donna Cinti